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the monarch.
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CROWN. A covering for the head, commonly used by kings; figuratively, it signifies royal authority. By pleas of the crown, are understood criminal actions.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This survey was intended to identify the popularity of different materials used for the FDP fabrication and luting among clinicians, to find out the trend of elective RCT of the tooth to be crowned or served as an abutment and the frequency of temporary crown placement.
The assistant waits until the temporary crown has polymerized enough to have enough tensile strength to be removed from the pre-operative impression, using cotton pliers, without tearing the temporary crown.
During the initial examination, it was observed that the right upper central incisor had an unsatisfactory temporary Richmond type crown that was changed by a metal core, post, and new temporary crown. The new temporary crown was fitted to the removable partial denture that was used by the patient (Figure 1).
It involves taking a mould of the tooth and fitting a temporary crown. The mould is sent to a lab to make a porcelain crown, which takes one to two weeks, and this is sent back and fitted to the patient.
The same rule applies after successfully completing an eight-hour expanded course for the fabrication of temporary crowns. The dental assistant, under the direct supervision of the dentist, is allowed to construct the temporary crown needed for a crown preparation procedure.
Traditionally, crown preparations take three-weeks to complete, during which time patients must wear a temporary crown. Further, because crowns are prepared in an outside laboratory based on impressions taken in office, cosmetic dentists have no part in actually fabricating the crown.
Therefore a temporary crown can be manufactured prior to implant insertion to facilitate immediate implant restoration especially for the high requirements in esthetic zone [23].
Then the second-stage surgery was done and the temporary crown was placed on the 12 (Figures 10 and 11).
BEGO's portfolio of 3D printing materials allows dental professionals to produce dental models, surgical guides splints, CAD/Cast partial denture frames, individual impression trays, long-term temporary crowns and bridges and even permanent single crowns with enhanced speed, precision efficiency and lower costs compared to conventional procedures.

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