Tenants in

COMMON, TENANTS IN. Tenants in common are such as hold an estate, real or personal, by several distinct titles, but by a unity of possession. Vide Tenant in common; Estate in common.

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It is from this principle that Illinois courts, as well as a host of other jurisdictions, identify tenants in the absence of specific language to the contrary, as coinsureds under the landlord's policy of insurance.
After that, if I got rent from two tenants in one month, I considered myself lucky.
Once you have tenants in place, it's a good idea to set up an incentive for timely rent checks such as discounts for early payments or penalties for late payments--if your state allows it.
Ultimately, she and more than half the other tenants in the building would unsuccessfully attempt to have my husband and I evicted on trumpedup charges that my writers' meetings were actually wild orgies.
If such provisions are not included, insurers will pass the increased risk along to landlords in the form of higher premiums and landlords, in turn, will pass along the higher premiums to tenants in the form of increased rent.
Most tenants in this market have definite preferences pertaining to location, for example, New Jersey Turnpike versus the Garden State Parkway versus Route 78 access, etc.