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A comprehensive legal term for any type of property of a permanent nature—including land, houses, and other buildings as well as rights attaching thereto, such as the right to collect rent.

In the law of easements, a dominant tenement or estate is that for which the advantage or benefit of an easement exists; a servient tenement or estate is a tenement that is subject to the burden of an easement.

The term tenement is also used in reference to a building with rooms or apartments that are leased for residential purposes. It is frequently defined by statute, and its meaning therefore varies from one jurisdiction to another.


n. 1) a term found in older deeds or in boiler-plate deed language, which means any structure on real property. 2) old run-down urban apartment buildings with several floors reached by stairways. (See: structure)

See: estate, property


1 property held on tenure.
2 a multi-storeyed flatted building in Scotland in which the flats are able to be owned individually with various rights over the common parts.

TENEMENT, estates. In its most extensive signification tenement comprehends every thing which may be holden, provided it be of a permanent nature; and not only lands and inheritances which are holden, but also rents and profits a prendre of which a man has any frank tenement, and of which he may be seised ut de libero tenemento, are included under this term. Co. Litt. 6 a; 1 Tho. Co. Litt. 219; Pork. s. 114; 2 Bl. Com. 17. But the word tenements simply, without other circumstances, has never been construed to pass a fee. 10 Wheat. 204. In its more confined and vulgar acceptation, it means a house or building. Ibid. an 1 Prest. on Est. 8. Vide 4 Bing. 293; S C. l1 Eng. C. L. Rep. 207; 1 T. R. 358; 3 T. R. 772; 3 East, R. 113; 5 East, R. 239; Burn's Just. Poor, 525 to 541; 1 B. & Adolph. 161; S. C. 20 Eng. C. L. Rep. 36 8; Com. Dig. Grant, E 2; Trespass, A 2; Wood's Inst. 120; Babington on Auctions, 211, 212.

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The Bolera Tenements are adjacent to LSC's tenements Negrita I, Prode IV, Martana I and Romina I.
AngloGold Ashanti Senior Vice President of Greenfields Exploration Rex Brommecker said, "This package, when combined with our own package of tenements on and around Lake Carey, gives us an opportunity to build on and integrate our extensive knowledge of the geology of the district to be uniquely positioned to make the next big discovery in the area.
The Agreement with a company of AngloGolds standing and exploration track record reflects the quality of the Carosue Dam North tenements and supports Saracens strong belief in the potential of this world class district, Mr Finlayson said.
DOING OK Connery, Connolly and Ferguson all grew up in tenements
The new tenement E52/2993, (formerly E52/1851, E52/2163 & E52/2412), consisting of 18 sub blocks is located in close proximity to its current holdings in the Peak Hill mining district.
Despite these requirements and those added by later legislation, tenements were not the most pleasant, let alone healthy, places to live.
Release date- 22102012 - Emerging fertiliser development company Aguia Resources Limited (ASX: AGR) is pleased to announce that it has had confirmation from the National Department of Mineral Production that a further seven tenements have now been granted close to its exciting new phosphate discovery at TE located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil.
Although her book's subtitle mentions '19th century' Berlin, she takes the story of tenements in the city through the 20th century into the early 21st as well.
He added: "We talk today about poverty here but what people lived through back in the days of the tenements was unbelievable.
This move brings the total number of 'Exploitation' tenements granted for the Paguanta Project to 14.
Members of the Huddersfield Civic Society said they were "disappointed" at a decision by Kirklees Council over the tenements in Southgate.
000 people (mostly immigrants) lived in tenements located in the square mile surrounding Orchard Street.