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This $140 Craftsman saw appears to be identical to the Poulan P3816 (left) except the Craftsman has the tool-free chain tensioner. The saw has an air purge and includes a carrying case.
GE Oil & Gas' Drilling & Production business announced on Wednesday the receipt of a contract of approximately USD45m to supply and service the tension leg platform (TLP) marine riser Tensioner Systems to Chevron for deployment in its Big Foot oil and gas field in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.
Our automotive customers want to purchase complete chain systems from one supplier, including chains, chain tensioners and guides.
Run three lines of the 3mm wire through the holes and attach the ends to bolt tensioners fixed through the end posts.
Pressure tested and CE marked, all TSR spring return bolt tensioners are supplied with detailed operating, maintenance and safety manuals.
* Consumer Brochure - Explains how the belt, tensioner, and pulleys work together as a team to ensure system is operating at peak efficiency.
A new electric tensioner pump from Enerpac is designed to meet the bolt tensioner and hydraulic nut actuation needs of demanding applications, according to the company, which claims its model ZUTP1500 is the only electric tensioner pump on the market to feature a remote-controlled electric valve and universal motor without a hydraulic intensifier.
Attach a socket or ratchet to the tensioner and rotate it.
The Auto Tensioner automatically measures and adjusts rope tension in aero-mechanical conveyors.
In addition to which, there are hydroformed hollow camshafts, a plastic camshaft cover, thinner exhaust header flanges, an aluminum cam-chain tensioner, all contributing to lighter weight under the hood.
Loosen the two bolts holding the belt tensioner and slide tension until the roller touches the belts.
Eliminator[R] I-Type[TM] cleaners feature I-Power tensioner design that keeps its blade perpendicular to the belt, enabling the hard-edged action of their tungsten-carbide C-Tips to work smoothly on belts joined with mechanical fasteners.