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Wolfe's dark humor figures also in Jerry Leath Mills's explication of a favorite term of derision in "Mountain Grills and Hoggish Minds: W.
Were you to turn up to rugby training at your local club with legs like a baby's backside, I fear your teammates may reach for the nearest available term of derision and beat you mercilessly with it - 'you big girl'.
By the time of Oscar Wilde's Importance of Being Earnest (1895), however, earnestness had become a term of derision, Curstein observes.
The only thing new to this vile message was the word 'hate', for there is a strata of society that for years has thought there to be no offence in labelling all Asians 'Pakis' as a term of derision if not description.
By the late 1980s, politically correct had become a term of derision, referring to the stifling intellectual atmosphere that prevailed on campuses dominated by former '60s radicals and to "progressive" standards of speech and behavior emanating from the academy.
Today the media has picked up on what was originally a racist term of derision, Saturday Night Special.