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He decided to be personally involved in the disbursement of the cheques to ensure all shortlisted candidates receive their termly fees without any hiccup, he said.
"We offer bespoke, monthly and termly options to parents with the fees dependent on the attendance package chosen.
Pacquiao and hear him discuss his career, both about his epic boxing journey and his career in Filipino politics, something which many of our members are watching closely." He called Pacquiao's coming visit "a fantastic highlight of our termly program.
On other issues, Mr Mooketsi stated that they had tasked schools to share their academic results on termly basis and to take their national examination results to the village to be reviewed by all stakeholders in the community.
All children complete a 'wellbeing web' with their class teacher on a termly basis, which means every pupil has the opportunity to talk about issues such as being safe and healthy.
It said that SEMH is 'regularly' listed as an area for further training and support during termly networks for special educational needs co-ordinators (SENCOs).
After every 'boost' of activity the school records the participation levels on their wallchart and termly on the website for pupils to earn boost bands and certificates!
We will continue to monitor the school on a termly basis."
The statement said: "The current state of CUL Academy's status is unknown as Ofsted have failed to conduct two of the termly monitoring visits.
Paying the fees every month was not a big issue but when we were asked to pay termly fees, that has come as a bolt from the blue.
The Society is increasing its regional activities by working with an initial group of around ten universities to develop local programmes of termly 'Subject Update' lectures for AS and A Level pupils, occasional subject knowledge CPD events for teachers, and further complementary activities such as local fieldwork CPD events.