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A cosmographer and teacher of mathematics in Nurnberg, Schoner (1477-1547) made a celestial globe and a terrestrial globe in 1515, and it is the latter that is under study here by independent cartographer Chet Van Duzer.
whose soul is inseparable from mine: you most beautiful inhabitant of the terrestrial globe, who have your disposal a seraglio of four hundred suckers; you in whom, linked indestructibly by a common accord, the sweet communicative virtue and the divine graces are nobly present, as if in their natural residence, why are you not with me, your mercury belly against my aluminum breast, both of us sitting on some seashore rock, to contemplate the spectacle I adore
An early Italian issue of the Hondius 21cm terrestrial globe by Giuseppe de Rossi dating from 1615 shows a map of the world prior to the discovery of Australia and is valued at pounds 10,000-pounds 15,000.
5 megawatt turbines crisscrossing the terrestrial globe, excluding "areas classified as forested, areas occupied by permanent snow or ice, areas covered by water, and areas identified as either developed or urban," according to the paper.
The terrestrial globe is decorated with cartouches, descriptive texts, ships, animals and detailed descriptions of the latest discoveries in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, while the celestial globe is adorned with constellations and the zodiac, showing animals and mythological figures with stars picked out in gold.
A terrestrial globe showed the earth while a matching celestial globe displayed the heavens.
into a petrified terrestrial globe balanced above an expanding
Kilikian will travel to the Chinese capital on Saturday to receive the gold medal and an Olympic torch as an award for her winning painting called "The Terrestrial Globe During the 21st Century.

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