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TERRIER, Eng. law. A roll, catalogue or survey of lands, belonging either to a single person or a town, in which are stated the quantity of, acres, the names of the tenants, and the like.
     2. By the ecclesiastical law an inquiry is directed to be made from time to time, of the temporal rights of the clergyman of every parish, and to be returned into the registry of the bishop: this return is denominated a terrier. 1 Phil. & Am. Ev. 602, 603.

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Then Foxey came back to his own place, and caught the bull-dog by the ear, and tried to throw him away; and the bull-dog, a curiously impartial animal, went for everything he could reach, including the hall-porter, which gave that dear little terrier the opportunity to enjoy an uninterrupted fight of his own with an equally willing Yorkshire tyke.
With a perfect shriek of delight he rushed to the box, cut the other pill in two, dissolved it, added milk, and presented it to the terrier.
We had two Irish terriers down in the South Seas, brother and sister, but they died.
Miss Cathy rejected the peace-offering of the terrier, and demanded her own dogs, Charlie and Phoenix.
The collie and the fox terriers became frantic with delirious joy, and while the wolf hounds and the great Dane were not a whit less delighted at the return of their master their greetings were of a more dignified nature.
But two of the ten allegations listed against Jordan Houlston, 24, of Alexandra Road, Llandudno, the alleged terrier man, of wilfully injuring a badger and causing an animal fight, were dropped by the prosecution.
Now the Terrier logo - incorporating the character traits of pride, tenacity, hardwork and fight - features on everything from season ticket brochures, programmes and websites to the John Smith's Stadium itself.
With a track record of over 27 years, Terrier is among the leading providers of manned guarding services in India.
20pm a resident of the village reported to police that ten minutes earlier a large shepherd had escaped its enclosure at a neighbouring house and attacked his five-year-old female Yorkshire mini terrier.
Jack, a Yorkshire terrier who was 24, died after being savaged during a walk yesterday morning.
If you can, Terrier recommends that you talk to the client about the size of the boat and the engine being considered.