Military Occupation

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Military Occupation

Military occupation occurs when a belligerent state invades the territory of another state with the intention of holding the territory at least temporarily. While hostilities continue, the occupying state is prohibited by International Law from annexing the territory or creating another state out of it, but the occupying state may establish some form of military administration over the territory and the population. Under the Martial Law imposed by this regime, residents are required to obey the occupying authorities and may be punished for not doing so. Civilians may also be compelled to perform a variety of nonmilitary tasks for the occupying authorities, such as the repair of roads and buildings, provided such work does not contribute directly to the enemy war effort.

Although the power of the occupying army is broad, the military authorities are obligated under international law to maintain public order, respect private property, and honor individual liberties. Civilians may not be deported to the occupant's territory to perform forced labor nor impressed into military service on behalf of the occupying army. Although measures may be imposed to protect and maintain the occupying forces, existing laws and administrative rules are not to be changed. Regulations of the Hague Conventions of 1907 and, more importantly, the 1949 geneva convention for the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War have attempted to codify and expand the protection afforded the local population during periods of military occupation.



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The fear comes in the form of territorial occupation of US military forces or an access to the entire infrastrucure of Colombia for an alleged war against drugs and that doesn't pan out.
Most conflicts in Bosnia's history were imported or orchestrated from Ankara, Vienna, Berlin, Belgrade and Zagreb -- for territorial occupation or the exploitation of local natural resources.
Ricca examines the politics of heritage conservation, and shows that the Old City's reconstruction did not so much preserve the past as inscribe an identity on to the future, sprawling on in ever increasing circles around occupied Jerusalem, struggling to hide the reality of territorial occupation.
Such belligerent gun-slinging diplomacy and illegitimate territorial occupation of the state of Iraq are blemishes on the fair play image of the UN.
It is an empire, an empire that is run first and foremost through the global economy rather than through geographical, territorial occupation of land.
Sir, - Were your correspondent, Samia Mazid (Post, Apr 29), a little less biased he might denounce both the Indian and Pakistan territorial occupation of Kashmir.

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