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The criminals had been terrorising the villagers after defeat of his wife in the elections and apparently the villagers did all that in retaliation," the local Araria district superintendent of police, Manoj Kumar said on Tuesday adding they were investigating the case.
It's hardly complimentary to be celebrated on the same grim pedestal as history's worst terrorists and to seemingly enjoy terrorising others.
COUSIN Robbie may be more used to terrorising defences with his natural goal-scoring ability, but Anthony Fowler has been terrorising his own field in this year's ABA Championships.
Summary: Police hunting football thugs accused of terrorising city centre shoppers have issued a series of images.
Ashish Kumar Singh, superintendent of police, Rayagada district said that the Maoist were terrorising people fearing that their support among the masses was eroding.
Cop buddies Jack (Harper) and Keith (Strait) get their kicks by terrorising motorists and they attempt the scam on drug-addled lovers Johnny (Miller) and Bobby (Pell James) and a family station wagon crammed with a mother (Oteri) her new partner (Dillon) and the kids.
Nowadays the teen roams around in gangs dressed as hoodies, goths or emos, terrorising all before them.
THUGS have been terrorising a Midland village for months.
It has become the norm terrorising others with senseless violence and vandalism.
Former England favourite Ian Botham combined terrorising the Aussies with terrorising defences when he played football for Scunthorpe United.