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Police hunting football thugs accused of terrorising Birmingham city centre shoppers have issued a series of images.
Opening with scenes of the serial killers terrorising a couple, Surveillance effectively builds suspense, but the histrionics of the final act skirt perilously close to laughable.
Not that I'd have wanted to terrorise him or her, no doubt he or she was pals with my nan and a member of the Tonteg Senior Citizens and I was never really into terrorising older members of society, actually I was never into terrorising anyone at all.
I feel very strongly about my wife being terrorised by people - wives shouldn't be there for terrorising.
In May, 16-year-old Natalie Henderson ( dubbed Poison Ivy ( was hit with a two-year anti-social behaviour order for terrorising families in Seaham, County Durham.
He said: "He had been terrorising vulnerable people on the estate, particularly around the shops in Buchanan Road and Rokeby and Kingsway.
If Crozier really wants to earn his cash, instead of just making it by throwing poorly-paid staff out of work, he should stamp out the bullying managers terrorising employees in his name that resulted in workers fighting back and going on unofficial strike at a cost of pounds 40million.
The SP has requested the ECI to direct the BJP MP to " refrain from terrorising the Muslims" even as the Akhilesh Yadav government is mulling legal action against him.
Well, it has certainly worked in this instance - if you can get a kick out of terrorising - if you can get a kick out of terrorising an 11-monthold baby.
Instead, we attacked Afghanistan, to the cheers of terrorising avengers.