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Although he distinguished between the successive ages of Natural Law, Mosaic Law and that of the Gospel, his Saints, from such Old Testamental figures as Moses and the Prophets to the Apostles and their followers all are witnesses of one faith.
Suddenly we hear Old Testamental wrath--storms, earthquakes, thunder and lightning.
The allocation of Biblical, New Testamental or Quranic events and memories to certain locales in the country is to a great extent common to the different denominations.
I played old Abraham, wrapped in some bedsheets my mother had sewn together, looking for all the world like Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian hunger artist and knife-swallower; of the play I remember only that I was pacing up and down a platform labeled "an oasis in Mesopotamia" and just ere the curtain dropped I kissed my nine-year-old childwife Sarah, whose name was Anneliese and who wore an enormous Old Testamental pink bow and pink Biblical dancing slippers, tailor-made for a hike through Mesopotamia; the applause was deafening; I took four curtain calls, and Anneliese, much too ashamed to show her face after being licked all over in public, took none.
In Chapter 4, Davis moves from Greek to Christian mythology and to God-the-Four-Letter-Word ("Jehovah" being a flawed rendering of the Greek tetragrammaton ["four-letter word"] used by the Jews for the unspeakable Old Testamental "Yahweh").