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TESTES. Witnesses.

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It consisted of loose connective tissue, interstitial cells, few connective cells, blood vessels and adrenergic nerve fibres in the present study in both active and resting testes (Figs.
Dr Manaf Al Hashimi, Consultant, Urology and Head of Department, Burjeel Hospital said: "We recently treated a 28-year-old male using the microscopic testes sperm extraction method.
At the end of the study, animals were sacrificed and the testes were kept in Bouin's fluid and tissue processing and staining were done.
The testicular blood flow was not statistically different compared with the contralateral testes during the first week evaluation and first month evaluation.
Animals were sacrificed on day 15 and testes were removed.
There can be bilateral undescended testes or cryptorchidism.
The objective of this study was to determine the difference between GNAQ mRNA and Gn[alpha]q protein expression levels in the caput, corpus, and cauda epididymis and testes of sheep.
The familiar characteristics of this family were: the presence of annular muscular thickness; sub-terminal oral sucker; caeca simple and extending up to caudal end; esophagus absent or present; Cirrus pouch absent; testes are intracaecal or extracaecal located diagonally or symmetrically, in the second third of the body; ovary anterior to testes, vitellaria commencing at the level of the testes and parasitic in urinary tract of birds (Kharoo, 2012).
Two testes (5%) retracted to inguinal canal which needed secondary surgery.
Changes in testis histology in cryptorchid testes are variable depending on the age of the individual at the time of orchidopexy and the position and duration of cryptorchidism.