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In case of an incarcerated inguinal hernia, testicular ischemia occurs owing to a compressed spermatic cord by the hernia sac and not by a twisted spermatic cord, as observed in testicular torsion.
Raphael was quickly triaged in the ED and admitted with a possible testicular torsion.
The only known anatomic risk factor for intravaginal testicular torsion is the bell clapper deformity (Caesar & Kaplan, 1994; DaJusta et al.
Palmer, "Climatic conditions and the risk of testicular torsion in adolescent males," The Journal of Urology, vol.
Left intravaginal testicular torsion with necrosis was considered observing that the left spermatic cord was directed from the left testicular hilus towards the parenchyma and its diameter was increased.
Orchitis is characterized by localized testicular infections or systemic inflammations, while testicular torsion results from twisting of the spermatic cord, with resultant ischemia.
Color doppler ultrasound revealed absent blood flow to the left testicle (Figure 1), thus the patient was urgently taken to the OR for scrotal exploration and evaluation for testicular torsion.
2,3] Furthermore, testicular malignancies are reported in 4% to 6% of these cases, and polyorchidism is most commonly encountered during exploration for other abnormalities, such as inguinal hernia, cryptor-chidism, and testicular torsion, which requires pediatric urologists to become familiar with the diagnosis and management of this uncommon entity.
A child with testicular torsion will often present with unilateral redness and swelling of the scrotum and acute testicular pain.
In the aforesaid patients, the preliminary laboratory analysis and urine culture were carried out, and in cases required, Doppler sonography was performed to rule out testicular torsion.
Testicular torsion can lead to permanent damage to testicle, loss of testicle, infertility, infection and cosmetic deformity.
The scrotal swelling may result due to hydrocele, pyocele, septic orchitis, hematoma, neoplasia, testicular torsion, habronemiais, inguinal and scrotal hernia (Meadows and William, 1995; Morresey, 2007; Roberts, 1986).