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Oral evidence offered by a competent witness under oath, which is used to establish some fact or set of facts.

Testimony is distinguishable from evidence that is acquired through the use of written sources, such as documents.

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n. oral evidence given under oath by a witness in answer to questions posed by attorneys at trial or at a deposition (questioning under oath outside of court). (See: testify, trial, deposition, evidence, witness)

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a statement of a witness in court, usually on oath, offered as evidence of the truth of what is alleged.
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TESTIMONY, evidence. The statement made by a witness under oath or affirmation. Vide Bill to perpetuate testimony.

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Basically, anything that might establish the guilt or innocence of the accused may be admitted as evidence, except for hearsay -- statements made out of court by someone ho isn't present to testify under oath at a trial.
The charges were serious enough to initiate a court-authorized investigation, and various individuals were called to testify under oath. However, although the investigation uncovered instances in which a programmer had temporarily suspended the vote counting to make some sort of adjustment to the computer's operating system software, no one ever got to analyze the computer programs themselves.
Lawyer Kitson Foong, representing Nor Badli Munawir, said he would call five witnesses to testify and the accused would testify under oath in the dock.
we need more information,' he added, stressing that if it were up to him, he would not recommend Guban as a state witness 'unless he gives out names, evidence and testify under oath against those involved.'
But Sereno barrelled through and said that before she replies to De Castro's question, she would like to ask her colleagues if they are also willing to 'testify under oath' should a quo warranto petition grounded on their filed SALNs be brought up.
Trump said Friday he was willing to testify under oath about his interactions with Comey and accused him of being untruthful during his testimony in Capitol Hill on last Thursday.
Trump denied Comey's claim Friday, going as far to say he would testify under oath to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who was tapped to lead the investigation into Russian election meddling.
WASHINGTON, June 9 (KUNA) -- President Donald Trump refuted yesterday's testimony by James Comey and stressed that he would be willing to testify under oath about his conversations with his former FBI Director.
They have three choices: remain silent, testify under oath and face cross examination, or give a statement from the dock without cross examination.
The European Parliament's powers of investigation should be extended to include the right to conduct on-the-spot inspections, summon witnesses to testify under oath, access relevant documents and request experts' advice.
The notion that Britney Spears is mentally or emotionally unfit to testify under oath is a sham," RadarOnline quoted the court document stating.
With Ozawa effectively refusing to appear before the Deliberative Council on Political Ethics, the DPJ ought to comply with the demand of opposition parties that Ozawa be forced to testify under oath. The case cannot be considered settled in any way until Ozawa explains himself before the Diet.