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But before I send in my testimonials, I should like a little time to consider "
The next morning I sent my testimonials to the Professor's employer in Portland Place.
Mr Clennam had two things to do before he followed; one, to offer his testimonial to the Father of the Marshalsea, without giving pain to his child; the other to say something to that child, though it were but a word, in explanation of his having come there.
My husband will send his testimonials, Miss, to Lord Montbarry in Scotland.
Let us indulge in the belief that they will not only be free from all accusation of injustice to these unfortunate sons of nature, but that the testimonials of their acts of kindness and benevolence toward them will plead the cause of their virtues, as they are now authenticated by the record of history upon earth.
This testimonial I accordingly received in about a month, forwarded a copy of it to Mrs.
I am strongly tempted to give the names of two or three of those little boys, as a testimonial of the gratitude and affection I bear them; but pru- dence forbids;--not that it would injure me, but it might embarrass them; for it is almost an unpar- donable offence to teach slaves to read in this Chris- tian country.
I had been with them five years, and old Coxon gave me a ripping good testimonial when the smash came, but of course we clerks were all turned adrift, the twenty-seven of us.
I sent in my testimonial and application, but without the least hope of getting it.
All objects were alike to him, but he was always particularly ready for anything in the way of a testimonial to any one.
She appears to employ it as a sort of testimonial for mercenary purposes, for I subsequently hear distant sounds of "Unkie says me dood dirl--me dot to have two bikkies [biscuits].
At the top of that list: using client testimonials.