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CONTRACTION. An abbreviation; a mode of writing or printing by which some of the letters of a word are omitted. See Abbreviations.

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Preparations were stimulated indirectly with 10 s-duration high-frequency (50 Hz) tetanic trains applied at 15 min intervals so that the fading of tetanic contractions could be investigated (Figure 1c).
But higher intensity tended to generate significantly stronger contractions until the tetanic contraction occurred in the healthy pigs when [V.sub.pp] = 12 V, [T.sub.w] = 5 ms, and f = 120 Hz.
Extrapolating from the shoulder fracture-dislocation injury pattern, we suggest that tetanic contraction of flexor carpi radialis and flexor carpi ulnaris directly may produce a moment of sufficient magnitude at the distal radius to produce the observed apex-dorsal fracture pattern, similar to shearing forces experienced during fracture-dislocations.