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The text books are yet to reach the bookstores in Kisumu.
5 billion for the printing and supply of the text books.
He asked them to focus on language teaching and text books papers should be of high quality to attract the students because political leadership was keen interested to update the curriculum as per the need of modern era at earliest.
Earlier in the day, RSS activist Dina Nath Batra in a recommendation to the NCERT demanded that Urdu and Arabic words to be removed from school text books.
This educational policy introduce the idea of multiple text books.
It will bring together representatives from the Welsh Government, WJEC, Qualifications Wales, Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol, educational consortia, CYDAG and others to look at the issue of providing the right text books and materials for Wales' education system.
The schools that have books in stock will be geared up with the common text book policy after the next academic year.
AMEENA The monopoly of text book boards has destroyed the concept of quality education in Pakistan.
A source at the Ministry of Education, however, said the ministry was keen on providing the new curriculum and text books at the end of the last academic year.
If every school in Dubai could donate the money raised from their book week in 2013 to the children in Mfuwe, we could provide English text books and reading books to most of the schools in one year.
Samuel Logidang, who heads Pibor Primary School, told Sudan Tribune that there is insufficient classroom space in his school and they do not have the requisite number of desks or text books.
Therefore, the Centre should immediately intervene and ensure it is removed from text books to respect Tamils' sentiments," DMK chief M Karunanidhi said.