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For example, a user interested in hemagglutinin for influenza A virus can type "HA" in the Name field and select "influenza A" using the auto-complete feature in the Source Organism text field and then click Search to generate a list of potential hemagglutinin hits.
A free-form text field is first processed by a parser that tags each word with parts of speech and semantic categories and then combines these words into larger structures called phrases (such as noun phrase and verb phrase) and constituents (such as subject and verb).
The concepts common to all hypermedia packages include command buttons, text fields, and links to other hypermedia documents.
If you tap on the button, you can ask it a question, and the answer will be populated in the text field. The feature, for now, is limited to the English language.
ISBD(CM)'s stipulation that each area, other than the first, be preceded by a "point, space, dash, space" is ignored, because each cartobibliographic area would occupy a different rectangular text field. Series statements are not enclosed in parenthesis.
After successfully solvingsome of the puzzles, a code of some information might be displayed that one will need to enter via the text field at the bottom of the screen.
Management and control of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) networks also benefits from a visually-based (versus text field) interface with detailed imagery and real-time data feeds.
First, create a table named "Manufacturing Overhead Budget" that has a text field called "MOBCategory" and fields for each of the four quarters in 2012 and 2013.
Image Retriever's query features let users locate the images they need and let them search for information in any text field.
For example, users can add as much free text as they desire in the text field of the message.
Request for quotations : purchase of seals, stamps, daters with a text field
The Dictation feature lets users write on any text field by platting the Window + H keys.