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Siri, under Air Dictate's command, will convert this speech into text, which will automatically appear on the Mac's chosen text field.
Various options allow for automatically hiding empty tabs, flexible security settings (a particular block or tab can be available for certain users only), and many more; (2) using regular expressions, you can design your own validator, such as email or credit card number, and add it to any text field in a form; (3) Virto List Form Extender 3.
The new version offers a number of new features including transformation from 3D model to 2D drawings, advanced Drawing compare, text field and more.
360Works, a leading FileMaker product developer and innovator, today released Scribe, a text processing plug-in that allows users to read and write text from Microsoft Office and PDF files, find what changed in a text field and highlight text matching any criteria.
This code must be input into a text field on the website, so that the user and the phone can be connected for better authenticity and security.
Just enter the code "NANOWRIMO" in the "Coupon Code" text field during purchase.
iPod Touch users can now experience the power of Dragon Dictation's incredibly fast and accurate speech capabilities to dictate emails and update any text field (like Facebook and Twitter) using the Clipboard function.
With one click, phone numbers can be selected and dialed from Web pages or any text field (along with Web URLs and email addresses) and mailing addresses from the contact list can be instantly mapped on the Web - again with one click.
Developers that need to upload a Word document stored in their FileMaker solution, or upload HTML from a text field are no longer required to write it to a temporary directory - you can FTP directly from text and container fields to the FTP server.
We use SmartLinks in every application that has noteworthy text fields, ones worth cross-references, because SmartLinks let us introduce automatic hyperlinks within the application," said Tim Nelson, a Director in TenFold's CTO Office.
It also dynamically configures input controls including date and time pickers, drop down boxes and rich text fields according to the schema.
Developers and users can even add "rules" for how handwriting should be recognized in certain text fields (e.