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You mean that the adventures of innocence have so often been the material of fiction?
Defoe got the idea of his story from the adventures of a Scots sailor named Alexander Selkirk.
MAINLY the Round Table talk was monologues -- narrative accounts of the adventures in which these prisoners were captured and their friends and backers killed and stripped of their steeds and armor.
But after making six books about the adventures of those interesting but queer people who live in the Land of Oz, the Historian learned with sorrow that by an edict of the Supreme Ruler, Ozma of Oz, her country would thereafter be rendered invisible to all who lived outside its borders and that all communication with Oz would, in the future, be cut off.
The extraordinary upshot of this adventure was -- but we have not decided yet that this is the adventure we are to narrate.
All day he had been trying to make up his mind to go through with the adventure and now he was act- ing.
He was afraid the adventure on which he had set out would be spoiled, that he would lose courage and turn back.
Only a narrow potato patch separated him from the adventure.
If he did not do it, then the adventure would be proved to have been only a dream.
Well, the long and short of it was that I agreed to undertake the adventure, provided that Nicolete could win over the lady whom at the beginning of the chapter I declared too charming to be described as an obstacle.
With museum art gallery quality illustration artwork from Hugh Keiser, The Adventures Of Pelican Pete: Annie The River Otter by Frances Keiser is the picturebook tale of a pelican named Pete and his newfound friend, Annie the Otter.
Even the adventures in these "adventure" pulps are really about suffering.

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