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More information regarding the ARK funds can be found at www.
Rebecca Garratt, current head teacher at Ark Tindal Primary Academy in Balsall Heath - the school lined up to provide support to Oldknow - will leave the Ark chain at the end of August.
A 14-week, entrepreneurial boot camp administered by Innovate Arkansas, the ARK brought in startups from Arkansas but also multiple states and even countries.
A text from a recently translated Hebrew document appears to hold some clues on the location of several ancient Biblical treasures, including the Ark of Covenant.
For the Jews, the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord is the most sacred object imaginable, containing the handiwork of God, and yet there is little mention of its history after being placed in Solomon's Temple.
The Ark, the fifth to bear the famous name, was commissioned in 1985.
It is the fifth ship to be named the Ark Royal, with the first seeing action as the flagship in 1588 during the Spanish Armada.
At the time it had been hoped the Ark would be preserved as a floating museum, but insufficient funds meant the scheme never got off the ground.
Called The Birth of the Ark Royal, this famous photograph taken from Holt Hill, shows Ark Royal IV on Cammell Laird's slipway, painted white before being launched by the Queen Mother, in April 1950.
Accounts differ, but reports in Arabic and various texts suggested that the Israelites still marched with the Ark at the head of their armies long after its putative disappearance.
This kind of skepticism is at the heart of McCaughrean's treatment of the famous story of the ark, the flood, the destruction of all living things (except those in the ark) because God was disgusted with creation and wanted to start over.
That very same wood built into the ark is currently being used for something that is ironically incorporated with some of the harshest stereo types, yet was created for virtually the same cause.

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