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Unlike Web cameras, the AXIS 207 operates independently of a PC and contains a built-in Web server.
Instruments on Earth can measure the tilt of the axis of the sun's magnetic field not only far from the sun but also at the photosphere, its visible surface.
To help individuals prepare for the Axis Network Video Exam, Axis and its partners have also announced one-day certification preparation courses beginning March 10th across the U.
The Axis DDH ballast incorporates a patented dipswitch that allows fixed-level dimming in 10% increments from 100% of output to 40% output, with a corresponding reduction in electrical energy.
This show will be yet another opportunity to educate decision makers on the benefits of daylight harvesting and green energy in general; and specifically how the Axis ballasts can help achieve these energy reduction and environmental benefits," stated Jim Erickson, President of Axis Technologies, Inc.
The AXIS 291 1U Video Server Rack holds up to three interchangeable Axis blade video servers and includes a built-in Gigabit switch.
Data logging results by the Alliance have shown a 59% energy reduction in the areas in which the Axis ballasts were installed.
Coverage is backed by the financial strength and solid claims-paying ability of the AXIS Insurance companies, rated "A" (Excellent) XV by A.