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Making The Black Parade allowed us the departure we needed to see what worked and what didn't, experiment, and add a lot of elements we never would have.
They effectively abandoned their name completely, announcing at gigs that the band could not perform so would be replaced by The Black Parade.
In similar out-of-order fashion, confetti cannons doused the house mid-show as the band blasted through the high drama "Welcome to the Black Parade," a song that serves as the beginning of the actual story line.
Album of the Year - The Black Parade, My Chemical Romance
Well, Romance classic, Welcome To The Black Parade stood out like a sore, black nail-varnished thumb.
The exclusive content available only on Music Choice On Demand throughout December includes an in-studio performance shot in HD-quality of the band's hit single, "Welcome to the Black Parade," along with a behind-the-scenes look at the making of its music video.
Flame-throwers, confetti cannons and spark sprays were the order of the night as, dressed in black marching uniforms, they blasted their way through a set including hits Welcome To The Black Parade and Famous Last Words.
MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE Famous Last Words They're back in the studio, so enjoy this highlight from last album The Black Parade - one of the band's best.
The Black Parade, otherwise known as emo heart throbs My Chemical Romance, are not what they once were.
The band's third album The Black Parade, released last year, is a lavish concept concerning a thirty something cancer victim.
And as far as us becoming The Black Parade and some of the different characters from the record, yeah, they will be there.
On the DVD you'll find 30 videos including the sinister My Chemical Romance movie that welcomed us all to the Black Parade, and The Fratellis' Chelsea Dagger.

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