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If you could do that, the creep test would not matter.
Strain loading was applied to the cylindrical concrete specimens placed between the steel plates in the creep experimental set by a 200-t laboratory press machine.
Creep test was done on a device with four-wheel load, where it was possible to simultaneously perform the creep test for 5 elements.
The creep resistance of Cu was shown to increase as the Al content is increased although the creep increment was small above 8.5 at.% Al.
The Creep is a swaggering, medically-created nut job who likes a bit of DIY surgery and screams like a girl being butchered.
When the creep drive gearbox is shifted back to the road mode, the gears disengage and do not rotate, so horsepower loss and heat generated from gears churning in the oil, as well as back-driving the hydraulic motor, is eliminated, Paul Bachleda, Cotta's application engineer said.
A string with the creep removed will not rotate your peep out of alignment as you draw.
Because Alloys 4 and 16 were superior with the creep testing, further tests were taken to see how durable they would be in applications.
The dependence of creep compliance on the creep force, as shown by the displacement between the curves, is an indication of nonlinear behavior, and in fact, the indentation creep behavior of a number of polymeric materials was dominated by nonlinear viscoelastic behavior.
As he simulated the period following a large earthquake, Stuart found the creep and strain rates decreasing.
The creep curves were characterized by three phases [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3A OMITTED!: a short initial phase with a high creep rate, a second phase with a slow, constant creep rate, and a third phase with a creep rate that gradually increased until the ligament failed.
When that happened, the creep at 78 K markedly decreased.