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While there are no signs posted that warn motorists the area is a bus-loading zone, the bright red paint on the curb is legally enough to comply with the vehicular code, Herek said.
They don't have the safety issue of them standing at the curb,'' Silverman said.
Feuer's latest proposal is to cut those repairs from the measure and ask residents to shell out as much as $200 million for the curb cuts alone.
However, neighbors of Kharaghani have said the tree limbs were not cut to less than 4 feet, not bundled and most were not placed at the curb, as the city normally requires.
Guess what: A person who works for street maintenance finally appeared, went to the house where the curb was broken and asked to speak to Sylvia Hudson-Cloyd - that's me - who reported the broken curb.
I noticed the sidewalks were dry where water was drained out through the curb face.
If the curb holes don't relieve the water problem, Coons said, residents might need to dig small trenches along one edge of the sidewalks and then backfill with gravel to help drainage.
Deputy District Attorney David Evans said the case was dropped because Riley had a right to stand on the curb and distribute the one-page newsletter published by an organization of inmate families of which Riley is vice president.
Frances and a girlfriend were returning from the market when they noticed a flier on the front door announcing that a crew was coming through the neighborhood painting numbers on the curb for a ``$20 donation.
Entrepreneur George Bussin has come up with a high-tech way for drivers who cringe every time they hear their sidewalls scraping the curb.