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The discussion paper and consultation program being coordinated by Mr Peacock will play a valuable role in informing the community about our defence needs and assist the government in producing the Defence Policy Statement towards the end of this year.
What is the best way to structure the defence force?
Svensson's session will focus on innovating with constant high proportions of research and development; building the network-centric defence of tomorrow and achieving technical interoperability and enhancing the defence industry market by creating common defence strategies across Europe.
Third, the defence research and development (R&D) arm of MINDEF and Defence Scientific Offices National Laboratories, which was corporatised in April 1997, is now brought under the ambit of DSTA as an affiliate company.
The funds which have been awarded to Spectrum represent a sound investment by the DRDC in reprogrammable, reconfigurable technology which clearly serves the defence interests of Canada, the US and other NATO nations," said Douglas Laurie-Lean, Head of the DIRP.