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The barbarians passed over the Coliseum; the deluge, perhaps, passed over the Pyramids.
Ballyvourney in Co Cork was also hit by spot floods with roads around the town affected by the deluge.
Wet testing, where firewater is pumped through the deluge system to check flow through nozzles, can cause problems with corrosion under insulation, water ingress to electrical junction boxes, and flooding of the process module drains -- global issues for oil and gas operators but a particular concern on ageing assets.
Iain Campbell - had little time to get going in the deluge, 2.
a] values, hydrophilic coated HX achieved higher capacity compared to uncoated coil at approximately half the deluge flow rates for the same fin spacing, thereby offering substantial potential for wetting water savings.
According to detail, the deluge of 150,000 cusec floodwater in the River Sutlej entered 60 villages of downstream of Head Sulemanki which rendered hundreds families shelter-less and destroyed crops of rice, cotton and others on hundreds of thousands of acres land.
THOUSANDS of Filipinos shovelled muck and debris from flood-ravaged homes, shops and roads under a shining sun yesterday after nearly two weeks of non-stop rain shut down the capital and forced hundreds of thousands to flee from the deluge.
They affirmed that water had been released from the reservoir, explaining that it was carried out according to a routine schedule and was not the main cause of the deluge.
After The Deluge takes place in the Royal Standard's Project Space from August 19-21.
Sarah Louise Crickmer allegedly made a bogus call to a mountain rescue team during the deluge in November.
New Orleans After the Deluge follows half a dozen inhabitants of New Orleans as they choose between fleeing the hurricane and waiting out the storm, presenting a color graphic novel approach from comic artist Josh Neufeld to document the events in the lives of six Katrina survivors.
RESIDENTS of a Northumberland town blighted by floods say they have more questions for officials in the aftermath of the deluge.

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