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On the contrary, writing an engaging novel like The Dispossessed places demands on an author that defy the tidiness of philosophical system-building.
determine the direction of events" according to a scientific program (307); the moments of "history" as recording the "clutter of household objects" (271) of the dispossessed tenants; Invisible Man's desire to "get them in, all of them"--to bring the historically unnamed into the "groove of history," to "record" the otherwise "forgotten names" (443) in histories dominated by historians un- or disinterested in African American history.
Who redeems the dispossessed and the delinquent in alternative education programs?
ultimately, is the only institution the poor and the sick and the raped and the dispossessed can rely on.
The book, with interviews by the author, is available for $18 postpaid from: The Dispossessed Project, PO Box 402, Paulden, AZ 86334-0402.
Zyuganov asked the Cabinet to draw up a new budget more generous to the dispossessed.
In his book, The Dispossessed, Geoffrey York quotes RCMP constable Steve Gourdeau.
Kay and husband Rick Warren, author of the best-seller The Purpose Driven Life, had been making plans to focus their new efforts on serving the dispossessed when her cancer diagnosis put everything on hold.
They delve deeper into the paranormal world of Paris and find out about their intricate connection to the battle involving the Dispossessed, the Angelic Order, the Alliance, and the Underneath demons.
Among the major arguments he makes about Le Guin and The Dispossessed are that Le Guin, in spite of her anarchism, is characterized by a significant philosophical and even political conservatism influenced by Centrist Hegelianism and that the novel should be seen as less a literary utopia and more as a novel dealing with the theme of utopianism in politics.
The amount of critical commentary on her work corresponds with her importance; in fact, a recent annotated bibliography of "The High Points So Far" of scholarship on The Dispossessed and one other novel stretches to eleven pages (Collins).