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Who redeems the dispossessed and the delinquent in alternative education programs?
The book, with interviews by the author, is available for $18 postpaid from: The Dispossessed Project, PO Box 402, Paulden, AZ 86334-0402.
In his book, The Dispossessed, Geoffrey York quotes RCMP constable Steve Gourdeau.
Kay and husband Rick Warren, author of the best-seller The Purpose Driven Life, had been making plans to focus their new efforts on serving the dispossessed when her cancer diagnosis put everything on hold.
Salgado's lens provides a voice to the dispossessed and hard-pressed, as well as to the volunteers and medical professionals, in his stunning black-and-white photographs that make the viewer stare intently at the faces that capture the attention.
In this, the first programme of three fascinating historical productions, Cassell travels through Scotland and Canada and traces the stories of the dispossessed - investigating the tensions that led to the Lowland Clearances.
And Turley does in the end succeed in placing Defoe and the even the novel itself in a new light, emphasizing with Christopher Hill that the cultural form did not emerge merely from a middle-class obsession with self and property, but rather took life from the desperate motions of the dispossessed in England and around the Atlantic.
He's not offering an archaeology of trash culture; viewers are meant not to classify but merely to ponder the existence of these images--the tweaked cliche, the stylized art object, the dispossessed icon, the reconstituted dream, all shuffled as blips on a perpetually changing cultural landscape.
As the new chair for the Interim Committee of the African Anglican/Lutheran Consultation and an advocate for the dispossessed native population in Zimbabwe on native land issues, Bishop Sebastian Bakare of the diocese of Manicaland has experience that is expected to match issues and events at next July's General Synod, Dr.
To be black means that your heart, your soul, your mind, and your body are where the dispossessed are.
ultimately, is the only institution the poor and the sick and the raped and the dispossessed can rely on.
Patria is the religious state, by which Gerzon means Christian, conservative, fundamentalist America; Corporatia is the business world; Disia comprises the disadvantaged, the dispossessed, and their advocates; Media is, of course, television, newspapers, movies, etc.