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Residents of Barangay Irisan first shut down the dump in 2009, arguing that it had exceeded its capacity.
Another local villager who requested anonymity said the dump has contaminated water sources, while paddy fields have been ravaged by dirty water from it.
Then he gets out of the truck, unhitches the end dump trailer, dumps the load in the bed of the dump truck and then re-hitches the end-dump trailer to the truck before he can return to the plant.
The protesters urged the municipalities to find a solution to the issue, holding banners urging officials to close the dump, calling it a health hazard.
At a 1980 congressional hearing, the EPA, which had primary oversight of the dump sites, reiterated its belief there wasn't a public health or environmental problem.
And water that sits long enough in the dump bed causes it to rust out--not good!
The dump box on the C12R carrier can be configured with one-way dumping or three-way dumping, which Yanmar said allows the operator to perform side dumping to the left or right, as well as the standard rear dump function.
The dump body is constructed of industrial-weight polyethylene, and the drive system uses a winch rather than costly hydraulics.
"People later could put a house or well there, or grow vegetables." Oleson and CREW are focusing their efforts to make sure the EPA demands that the dump is cleaned up to a "residential level," rather than the looser standards allowable for an "industrial" site.
At the dump where Padilla works, for example, Ecoce pays $0.08 a kilo, with a bonus of $0.02 a kilo when pickers collect more than 30 tons in a month.
The dump trailer was being unloaded on sloped terrain that made the dump box tilt to the left, as shown in the drawing.
And he has issued an invoice for pounds 1million to council officials for use of the dump.