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In Wrath and Run, the player is tasked to lead the Alliance that is about to engage in an explosive battle against the Eternal Empire.
We humans participate in the eternal law both through our substantial act of being and through our proper operation (and superadded abilities).
the rational creature's participation in the eternal law," states St.
Recent discussions have raised several controversies about how to interpret Descartes's doctrine on the creation of the eternal truths.
Vichy and the Eternal Feminine: A Contribution to a Political Sociology of Gender.
Later in his remarks, he contrasted our culture to others and observed, "When you have no king but Jesus, you release the eternal, you release the highest and best, you release virtue, you release potential.
Living in a time and culture whose memories can be deleted by a computer keystroke, it's hard to discern between the eternal and the ephemeral.
But what if one wants to ensure the eternal happiness of an individual?
In a direct connection to Lupertz's heads--with Lupertz as a heroic painter--an interpretation of painting (and the painter) is established against this more-or-less literary background as the eternal torch (the eternal searcher) fo the ideal, for purity, for truth.
As an alternative or in addition to the storage of cremation ashes in a closed, dark urn, the Eternal Life Pet Memorial unleashes the celebration of the loved one's life by their ashes within the bright, life creating pieces.