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Let me suggest that this refers to our double obligation, to relive the Exodus once historically and again personally.
The Exodus Business comprises substantially all of Exodus's United States customer contracts, together with selected corporate and data centre assets, know-how, intellectual property (including the Exodus brand), high quality employee base and other resources required to support these customers and grow the business.
Imperial Technology today announced that it has joined the Exodus Communications(R) (Nasdaq:EXDS) Partnering for Success Alliance Partner program.
By combining MSM with the Exodus Incident Response service, Exodus now offers a more complete defense and response solution.
As senior advisor to the Exodus executive team over the past year, Stoltz has been actively involved in the company's business, helping to drive growth-related strategic and financial issues.
The Exodus / Mirror Image partnership complements Exodus' 3-tier content distribution model, a suite of high-performance Internet content distribution solutions that utilizes Mirror Image's CAP network as the second tier.

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