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THIS fourth single from their debut album, The Family Jewels, is brilliant pop that sits somewhere between Kate Bush and Lene Lovich.
Her debut album last month, The Family Jewels, which charted at number 4.
So it is Saturday at the Axe and Fiddle, with Unkle Nancy and the Family Jewels and Fred Van Vactor.
The elder statesman Harold McMillan had warned of the dangers of privatisation, which he compared to selling the family jewels. All of our industry based on manufacturing went the journey.
"I was lucky I got the family jewels out of the way," said American international Hercus, whose 71st-minute penalty gave Llanelli victory and a booked a place in the final against Wasps - 22-17 conquerors of Leicester - at Twickenham on April 9.
The Save the Family Jewels event has been organised by people living in the area, with a prize given to the participant wearing the most novel pair of underpants over their clothes.
PRINCE Charles has been ordered to keep bride-to-be Camilla away from the family jewels. The couple sealed their engagement with a pounds 500,000 diamond ring once owned by the Queen Mother.
No longer are men expected to tuck the family jewels away out of sight and forget them but they are being actively encouraged to check them for signs of lumps - a telltale sign of testicular cancer.
With the theme of Marina's debut album The Family Jewels concerning her relationship with the American dream, her performance has been moulded accordingly.
Marina, nominated for a Critics' Choice at the 2010 Brit Awards, and who scored a top 20 hit with Hollywood, prepares to release fourth track Shampain, from her album The Family Jewels, on Monday.