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Of course, the asymptotic results are only relevant when parameter values guarantee Cournot behavior within the fringe, as discussed above.
The Treasury Department's changes respond favorably to comments on the fringe benefit regulations that have been submitted over the past two years by the Tax Executives Institute and others on behalf of numerous companies.
In addition, the fringe benefit share of total compensation is positively and significantly related to the percentage of part-time workers, which is consistent with the findings of Turner (1987).
In addition, the festival and Orange Segment Print and Design Studio are calling on artists and graphic designers to submit entries of poster designs that reinterprets the classic Filipino delicacy, halohalo, into an iconic design or image that will brand and identify the Fringe Manila 2015 festival.
Christopher Bowes (21) from Omagh, Ireland, is using the Fringe to branch his comedy club out from his hometown.
TAYLOR SWIFT She may or may not be Never Ever Getting Back Together with her ex but Tay's reunion with the fringe was a good move.
Following on from the success of the Fringe World tour of Karratha in September, which featured some of the best shows from the 2012 festival, more of Western Australia s regional communities will be able to enjoy these world-class performances, Mr Barnett said.
But Neil MacKinnon, from the Fringe, said it was "very clear" the organisation didn't approve its contents.
Auchtermuchty's finest folk-rockers and foot-tappers The Proclaimers will close The Fringe on Sunday, August 2.
He says he is leaving the Fringe at a time of strength: "It's been a great privilege to run the world's largest arts festival for the past eight years and I'm pleased that as an organization we've passed some impressive milestones and seen such exponential growth.
If no specific Code exclusion applies, the fringe benefit may still be eligible for exclusion pursuant to the four broad categories of excludible fringes listed in Sec.