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Brookings Institution

Founded in 1927, the Brookings Institution is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to research, education, and publication in the fields of economics, foreign policy, and government. It states as its principal purposes: "to aid in the development of sound public policies and to promote public understanding of issues of national importance."

Brookings maintains a 55,000-volume library. It is organized into the following divisions: Advanced Study, Economic Studies, Foreign Policy Studies, Governmental Studies (which includes some legal studies), Foreign Policy Studies, Governmental Studies, Publications, and a Social Science Computation Center.

The institution publishes the Brookings Bulletin (quarterly), the Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (twice a year), and an Annual Report. It also publishes its extensive research in books and reprints.

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Removing impediments to worker mobility is a core part of the solution to stagnant wages and productivity, and policy-makers should pay heed to the proposals contained in The Hamilton Project's volume Revitalizing
* Also last week, at a forum hosted by the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution, he delivered remarks on the need for innovation to help advance education reform.
The Hamilton Project, an effort spearheaded by the Brookings Institution, endorses the use of prizes to stimulate technological innovation.
To that end, I intend to intensify my engagement with public policy; for example, the type of activity we have done at The Hamilton Project, where we have charted a more effective way forward in many economic policy areas; at the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), the nation's largest community development organisation, which I have long chaired, which distributed over $1 billion to distressed urban and rural communities last year and which now must work through new strategic challenges in the face of greatly-changed neighbourhood and economic conditions; and Kofi Annan's Africa Progress Panel, which has the potential to contribute in special ways to economic development in the poorest continent on the globe.
In that same, distant "perfect" world, an enthused benefactor would throw money at the Hamilton project, giving the inventor free rein.
The new economic adviser is Jason Furman, who has been director of the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution, a Rubin-sponsored effort to grapple with the country's long-term fiscal problems.
The Hamilton Project, an initiative of the Washington, DC-based Brookings Institution, is offering $25,000 in prizes for the best innovative policy proposals written by undergraduate and graduate students.
The report on the Hamilton project notes a fall in theft and vandalism, `crimes normally associated with juveniles' - but there are also adult thieves and vandals who will have been deterred by the heightened police presence.
The average bachelor's degree recipient earns 168 percent of a high school diploma holder's salary, according to an analysis by the Hamilton Project, a policy initiative affiliated with the Brookings Institution.

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