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INQUISITION, practice. An examination of certain facts by a jury impanelled by the sheriff for the purpose; the instrument of writing on which their decision is made is also called an inquisition. The sheriff or coroner and the jury who make the inquisition, are called the inquest.
     2. An inquisition on an untimely death, if omitted by the coroner, may be taken by justices of gaol delivery and oyer and terminer. or of the peace, but it must be done publicly and openly, otherwise it will be quashed. Inquisitions either of the coroner, or of the other jurisdictions, are traversable. 1 Burr. 18, 19.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The instrument of this persecution was the Inquisition.
The Inquisition had been established in Portugal since 1547, on the Spanish model.
In innumerable cases Spain's rulers intervened to protect favorites in trouble, and whole areas of Aragon either defied the Inquisition altogether or severely impeded its operations.
"But he cheated the Inquisition one last time," said Professor Troncarelli.
The investigation of the Inquisition, the Catholic Church's centuries-long effort to root out and punish heretics, is beginning with closed-door meetings at the Vatican.
The Iberian story has three elements: the state policy that equated religious uniformity with national identity, the Inquisition that was established to ensure assimilation and orthodoxy, and the reactions of the Jews.
The Inquisition was first founded in 1478 by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain in a bid to maintain Catholic orthodoxy in their kingdoms and was under the direct control of the Spanish monarchy.
Medicine and the Inquisition in the Early Modern World
What historical age are we living in?" he asked, adding that "in the days of the Inquisition? Are they trying to do to others what was done to them in the ghettos, in the Inquisition courts, or in the Nazi courts?"
AGAINST THE INQUISITION Marcos Aguinis Translated by Carolina De Robertis AmazonCrossing 2018, 636 pp, $14.95
Hidalgo in the Inquisition archives, only a malicious report about his arguing with a French theologian and how he was often invited to tertulias in the homes of the elite.

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