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INTRODUCTION. That part of a writing in which are detailed those facts which elucidate the subject. In chancery pleading, the introduction is that part of a bill which contains the names and description of the persons exhibiting the bill. In this part of the bill are also given the places of abode, title, or office, or business, and the character in which they sue, if it is in autre droit, and such other description as is required to show the jurisdiction of the court. 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 4156.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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For the BUY AMOUNT regression in Column (4), we find positive but insignificant coefficients for two of the three tone measures and one that is significant; specifically, the INTRO, MANAGER Q&A, and ANALYST Q&A TONE coefficients are 1.44 (t-value = 0.58), 5.00 (t-value = 1.83), and 2.92 (t-value = 1.04), respectively.
The club also has a black tie season launch on August 26 at the Holland House Hotel, Cardiff, where the intro will be seen for the first time.
The Intro site, which can be found at, enables employees and employers to create CV/job profiles on the website.
It's great to have such an amazing pony with such an amazing bounce." Amy Auld's Planters Punch an eightyear-old TB gelding by Cape Cross and half-brother to this year's Derby winner sneaked home over the cross country course to win the Intro 2ft 6in class by a margin of just 1.7 penalties.
The Intro entries include Stockton's Sarah McGhee, who rides her own horse Master Henry IV.
In the intro section, the first step on the affiliated eventing ladder, the winners included Allesley's Sarah Roberts.
In her first year she rode a mix of Intro and Pre Novice sections to finish the season with a tenth place at the Intro Regional Final at Hendersyde.
seems kind of odd juxtaposed with the intro. Although whoever sent this to me put Wite-Out across stuff like "Don't call me a racist" and "the white man" (who collectively gets blamed for society's ills) I could still read it in the intro.
The British Show Jumping Association has introduced a new set of classes specifically aimed at the intro category, writes NEIL B JONES.

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