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Station chairman John McColgan said: "Eamon has been with us through thick and thin and made The Last Word essential listening."
"Even the phrase 'I old ube the next Obamac ' will truncate the last word, because the string width is exactly the same, because all the same characters are being used."
Of course, the cross would be a symbol of brave and tragic heroism if God allowed it to be the last word on the subject of violence.
"But I'm working on the Last Word at the moment and I wouldn't expect any other broadcasting commitments in the foreseeable future.
THE last words of Jo Cox were "no, my pain is too much", the father of the MP's assistant has said.
Readers will be glad these aren't the last words from this talented author.
Sometimes in the eulogy at the end of a Mass, some family member might relate the last words of the person now on their new baptismal journey.
1 ( ANI ): Officials in Malaysia have admitted getting the last words from missing MH370's cockpit wrong.
"I&'m not able to climb," were the last words of the pilot...
Summary: The last words of the teenage soldier who became the 250th serviceman to die in the Afghan conflict were to tell his mother he loved her.
"We'll Always Be Pals": The Last Words of a Dying Father and True Hero!
Some cryptic crossword clues call "Amen" the "last word", and that makes me reflect not only on my last words, but on the last words God will say about me.