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LORD. In England, this is a title of honor. Fortunately in the U. S. no such titles are allowed.

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The House of Commons is more powerful, and elected MPs in the Commons can impose their will on the Lords.
Like other members of the Lords, known as peers, he is entitled to claim travel expenses and an allowance of up to PS300 a day when he attends debates.
But the Lib Dems insisted that did not go far enough and only an elected chamber would stop such scandals in the Lords, which costs taxpayers PS110million a year to run.
Sub-committee peers said they were "disturbed" by Lord Taylor's "disdain for the rules" and deplored his efforts to give the journalists the impression he had already breached the Lords code of conduct on behalf of other commercial clients.
There ought to be a greater representation from the North-east in the Lords to speak up for the region.
With the new Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer of Thoroton, presiding from the Woolsack, Lord Williams said if the message from the Lords was ``please continue to choose a Speaker for us, I am sure the Prime Minister will oblige''.
Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, very little attention has been paid to Tolkien's treatment of Masculine "types.
The Lords have leased the car for $500 a month, and Peter said he is thrilled with its performance.
By 1884, the Municipal Reform League had over 1,000 members in its General Council, 19 local committees, and over 120 members in the Commons and 11 in the Lords.
Ore from the Lords will be hauled over a private road to Troy's existing Sandstone milling facility, approximately 29 kilometres distant.
But he's not the only peer to claim expenses while remaining quiet in the Lords Chamber.
Cross-bencher Baroness Dunn last week informed the Lords that she was also leaving.