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'We may not be able to set up cattle markets for sacrificial animals owing to the lukewarm response from bidders, which may create unprecedented difficulties for Islamabad residents who intend to perform the religious sacrifice,' a DMA official who asked not to be named said.
'Many of the candidates seeking elective posts who met with Obi in Anambra were unconvinced and the feelers they relied upon were fuelled by the lukewarm attitude from the states,' a source said, adding, however, that Atiku was already taking a deep look into the issues.
"The reactions in the international community were very mixed, but the lukewarm from the United States disappointed me," Goldstone told das Parliament, a weekly political newspaper published by Germany's lower house of parliament, the Bundestag.
The instruction was made during a meeting with the task force for the 12 I-Taiwan projects, under the Executive Yuan (the Cabinet), in view of the lukewarm interest of the private sector in the projects amid the recession.
Plug it into your cigarette lighter and make long drives not so much about the lukewarm Hr.
I think really it would have an impact on the lukewarm believer or the nominal Christian." He noted that the film was "a hot topic of conversation in the locker room" for a few days after the showing, and owner McLane, obviously pleased with the outcome, told BP that it "seemed to have a real impact" on many who attended.
She contrasted the enthusiasm of the Welsh CBI for the plan with the lukewarm response to proposed changes to GCSEs and A-levels in England.
To what do you attribute the lukewarm reception of the proposal by investors?
The Lord tells us in Revelation that He will "spew" (vomit) the lukewarm out of His mouth.