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Runtastic Moment Elite: Designed for a more sophisticated look, the Moment Elite offers a stainless steel case, scratch-resistant glass and a top-quality black leather band for $179.
Certainly relationships with family are also integral, but for the moment, we will investigate the first three.
At their best, the other works Aitken presented here, including the moment is the moment, 2004, a panel covered with mirrors constantly shifting their reflections with the help of small motors, engender the same weird romantic and existential rush.
Moment management helps ensure that the moments spent on these activities bring you the greatest productivity, satisfaction, and quality.
These are the moments when they interact with the system as overseers, not as either clients or coproducers.
CLIF[R] Bar's Meet the Moment program today invites outdoor enthusiasts to inspire and be inspired, empowering them to Protect the Places We Play by sharing their photos and stories of outdoor adventure at www.
Was it the moment, at the end of the fourth quarter, when Bryant took a pass from Devean George after Smush Parker stripped Steve Nash, and sank a high-looping layup over two defenders from the right baseline bored straight down through the net at 0.
At the moment the members look over their shoulder at each other, allowing the Tokyo players into the Club but desperately needing to be challenged by newcomers.
There's a remarkable feeling of aliveness and connection we all are capable of but, unfortunately, rarely feel; it's often referred to as "living in the moment.
If the picture is used at all, it would best be used as a link to the moment when the hurt began, a constant memory on stage of something avoided, something denied.
Over the past three years, Ford has again and again captured the moment with his work.
At the moment of slaughter, for instance, instead of henchmen brandishing scimitars, Aliev offers his "Cry of Woman" a white-clad sisterhood whose members act as both mourners and specters.