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The sum that remains following all permissible deductions, including charges, expenses, discounts, commissions, or taxes.

Net assets, for example, are what remain after an individual subtracts the amount owed to creditors from his or her assets. Net pay is the salary an individual actually receives after deductions such as Income Tax and Social Security payments.

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n., adj. the amount of money or value remaining after all costs, losses, taxes, depreciation of value, and other expenses and deductions have been paid and/or subtracted. Thus the term is used in net profit, net income, net loss, net worth, or net estate.

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Further, a disregarded entity's interest in another partnership (other than the one for which the net value is being determined) is included as an asset to be valued for the purpose of the net value calculation.
The net asset approach bases the value of the metalcasting facility on the value of its tangible assets minus its liabilities (net assets).
A pdf of this FCC Policy Statement can be found under "Government and Court Proceedings" in the Net Neutrality Reading Room on the website of the Center for Democracy and Technology.
Populated largely by homepages flaunting hobbies and personal histories, advertising technology companies, or promoting online communities of all stripes, the Net was far removed from the asceticism of white-cube galleries or the high ironies of neo-Conceptualism.
It was its very own artists who found in the Net a way of marketing and distributing their product without the need of the middle people--like all the major players, for a start.
But the Net, and all of the subsets and components that comprise it, is coming closer than anyone thought possible just a few months ago.
In a characteristic passage, for instance, she writes, "Journalists who don't use the Net themselves routinely make such egregious technological and cultural errors that you can only compare the results to what would happen if they were assigned to write about the interstate highway system based on their experiences at sea....
A large portion of the net purchases of Treasury securities from the Caribbean appears to have been financed by repurchase agreements, accounting for a large part of the capital outflows reported by banks and securities dealers.
If the net cash flow generated by these units is negative, in order to balance the budget, the maintenance of all of the shareholders may have to be increased to subsidize the corporation for the difference between the rent collected and maintenance owed.
consolidated tax group and the nonincludible corporations (DS76DS100 and FS1-FS50), including dividends received from DS76-DS100 and FS1-FS50, and the minority interest's share of the net income (loss) of DS1-DS100.
The auklet deaths decreased similarly, but only with the net topped by the wider white band.