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OPPOSITION, practice. The act of a creditor who, declares his dissent to a debtor's being discharged under the insolvent laws.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Awami National Party parliamentary leader Sardar Hussain Babak said the government and opposition had the same stand on the vital issue of Kashmir, so the prime minister should have taken the opposition leaders into confidence before giving the countrywide call for protest on the issue.
Nor is his party heeding to any sincere piece of advice from the opposition benches.
Fawad Chaudhry said that according to PM, rallies will expose the opposition to the public as it will show that opposition does not hold street power and people are fed up of them.
Alyani noted that Sanjrani had been "running the House in a good manner" and expressed hope that Rehman "will play a positive role" in dissuading the opposition parties from going ahead with the move.
The meeting of the opposition senators, held at the Banquette Hall of the Senate, was chaired by Opposition Leader Raja Zafarul Haq.
The petition stated, "India's laws about the leadership of the opposition are myriad and contradictory.
She said the opposition had displayed an immature attitude during Parliament's session's proceedings and they even did not bother to listen to Budget 2019-20 patiently, adding the criticism of opposition was always about non issues.
The leader of the opposition further said that 'we wanted a peaceful environment during the assembly session but the government [has] forced us to resign from the committees.'
He said the production orders of Leader of the Opposition were also issued earlier.
Johor assembly opposition leader Datuk Hasni Mohammad said it included selecting the opposition to chair the Public Accounts Committee as the federal government had chosen the opposition to head the PAC at federal level already.
The Speaker also noted that as the United People's Freedom Alliance is a part of the coalition government, with certain members holding Ministerial posts, he cannot recognise the UPFA group who sit in the Opposition as a group eligible for the post of Opposition Leader.
We are still in the opposition and will continue criticising Jubilee, especially on corruption.'