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adj. regular, customary and continuing, and not unusual or extraordinary, as in ordinary expense, ordinary handling, ordinary risks, or ordinary skill.

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ORDINARY, civil and eccl. law. An officer who has original jurisdiction in his own right and not by deputation.
     2. In England the ordinary is an officer who has immediate jurisdiction in ecclesiastical causes. Co. Litt. 344.
     3. In the United States, the ordinary possesses, in those states where such officer exists, powers vested in him by the constitution and acts of the legislature, In South Carolina, the ordinary is a judicial officer. 1 Rep. Const. Ct. 26; 2 Rep. Const. Ct. 384.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The final price per share of the ordinary shares and the ADSs placed in the global offering will be determined following the bookbuilding process.
Holding: The appellate court held that the Tax Court improperly treated the property sold by Long as the land itself rather than his right to purchase it and that the key question was whether Long intended to sell this right to customers in the ordinary course of business.
ORDINARY MAN OF THE PEOPLE: David Cameron was surrounded by fellow Conservatives when he visited Barry to talk of the importance of listening to the ordinary man PICTURE: Peter Bolter Y
BB&T asserted the ordinary course of business defense, arguing that NGD's payment of the outstanding balances of the Line of Credit Note and Working Capital Note were made according to ordinary business terms.
Other critics point more specifically to Yusuf's talent for capturing the ordinary and the obvious in a kaleidoscopic poetic medium.
Also, since magnetic field sensors, extremely powerful magnets, and many of the other superconducting devices exploit the ordinary proximity effect, the inverse effect will probably lead to novel devices, he predicts.
In recent days I've noticed a new--or more accurately, a revived--movement in the church to search for and discover the deepest treasures of God's life in the ordinary moments of our own lives.
Commissioner (Fannie Mae),(9) the Tax Court rejected the IRS's narrow interpretation of the treatment of business hedges, concluding that the various transactions undertaken in that case were integrally related to the taxpayer's business of buying and selling mortgages and that the character of the hedge transactions should match the ordinary gain or loss treatment accorded the hedged property.
As a result, taking into account all Securities owned by Takeda and its affiliates, following settlement of the Securities tendered in the second acceptance period, Takeda will hold 96.08% of all Ordinary Shares and will have acquired 95.76% of the Ordinary Shares that were the subject of the Bid.
In the public offering, the company sold the ordinary shares at USD5.65 per ordinary share.
Generally, a hedging transaction is a transaction that a taxpayer enters into in the ordinary course of-its trade or business to manage certain risks of ordinary property, borrowings or ordinary obligations; see Keg, s..

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