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The canvas is broad and the treatment moves between the group profile to detailed consideration of individual families; at times the sheer wealth of data can be demanding of the reader, but the author never loses sight of the principal focus, that of the peerage as a body.
It would have been uncharacteristic of Jane Austen to have used an incorrect form of address, and her knowledge of the peerage appears to have been extensive; on 20 June 1808 she wrote:
The largest and most compelling section of the book examines the House of Lords, which was key to the political ascendancy of the peerage.
Thus, whereas Tudor monarchs, recalling the experience of the Wars of the Roses, were understandably reluctant to increase the peerage (during her forty-five year reign Elizabeth created only eight new titles), the Stuarts had no such apprehensions.
The Peerage Act 1963, allowing renunciation of titles, became law on July 31, 1963.
The allegation is that the peerage was offered in return for a commitment from Mr Law, who died last week, not to stand in last year's general election.
Tim Alexander says the peerage, dormant since 1739, is rightfully his and he wants to sit in the House of Lords.
Baroness Dean, one of the people responsible for vetting the peerage, told MPs she had assumed the Tory donor fulfilled his promise in 2000 to take up permanent resi-dence in the UK.
By convention, those appointed to the peerage become peers only when their Letters Patent have been issued by the Queen - a process that can take many months and has yet to be completed by Mr Ashcroft.
Dobson said: "It takes the Tory party and the peerage system to new depths.
Lady Thomson said the couple were in Cyprus when they were interrupted by a diplomat who urgently wanted to talk to her husband about the peerage.