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The truth probably was, that Alice Vane's secret for restoring the hues of the picture had merely effected a temporary renovation.
At the conclusion of this miraculous legend, I inquired of mine host whether the picture still remained in the chamber over our heads; but Mr.
You're going for the picture while we're at dinner?
It was the picture at last; up to this point I had kept him to Queensland and the making of his pile.
In less than five minutes I put them back, after winding the picture about my body beneath my Inverness cape.
Why, this one's worth all the pictures in Colony o' Queensland put together.
He turned the picture over and as his eyes fell upon the old newspaper cutting they went wide.
You hate The Sheik and so you will not tell him, for if you do I will tell him of the picture.
The pictures she drew were the pictures that the Hon.
Mitchell doesn't think this approach is wrong exactly, but the emphasis on the picture as something that requires interpretation--a visual "text" there to be read or decoded--tends to block our understanding of the ways that pictures are more than just structures of information or ideas.
The overall harmony of the picture is highly regarded.
It is less "real," taking things away from the picture so that the remaining elements can express meaning more effectively.