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POSSESSED. This word is applied to the right and enjoyment of a termor or a person having a term, who is said to be possessed, and not seized. Bac. Tr. 335; Poph. 76; Dy. 369.

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Alfred Metraux argues that there are similarities between possession and theater, but in the eyes of the believers the possessed person is never an actor (127).
Alfred Metraux in his influential book Voodoo in Haiti explains that the equestrian terminology used to describe spirit possession comes from the possessed individual's wild behavior, which resembles the "bucking of a wild horse, who feels the weight of a rider on his back" (122).
Catholics and Calvinists, neighbors, deacons, magistrates, the provincial estates, and crowds of Utrechters all became involved - not to mention the possessed themselves, who stubbornly defended their views.