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However, Beshore believes that there will be signs before the Rapture take place.
Whether or not there will be a Rapture, hoping for misfortune for others to fulfill your dream of the Rapture is downright sinful.
From the strengths of different views on the Rapture and the Millennium to the sequence of events predicted in the end times, this is a Bible-based analysis packed with scholarly yet lively surveys certain to interest any concerned about the Rapture.
Compare this to the taut but anguished Rollercoaster and you have two very different yet heartening, affirmative songs which show why people like Cee Lo Green and Justin Timberlake got so excited by The Rapture in the first place.
But when "The Rapture" came and went without incident, it seemed that the greatest resurrection might have been for New York's dance punk messiahs, The Rapture, who'd announced their fourth record--the first in almost five years--just days after the bogus prophecy.
The date of the Rapture - alluded to in the First Epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians (4:17) in the Bible - has been falsely predicted by many others over the years.
Melbourne, May 24 (ANI): US preacher Harold Camping, who gained international fame with his prediction that the Rapture would come at 6 p.
And TV scientist Prof Brian Cox jokily tweeted: "We should all pretend the rapture is happening so that when Harold Camping gets left behind he'll be livid.
American Evangelical radio pastor Harold Camping had predicted the Rapture - the time when God's chosen people ascend to heaven and the rest of us burn in hell.
Eternal Earth-Bound Pets USA is one of many growing internet-based services that will take care of your pets "lest the Rapture take you.
Writing the Rapture examines the contours of prophecy fiction from its humble roots in premillennial dispensationalism to its blockbuster success with the Left Behind series.
3] In this article, my aim is to trace the development of rapture films from the 1940s to the present day, focusing in particular on the place of the Left Behind series within the development of the rapture film genre.