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The seeker mobile app is also available in Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom (UK) and the USA.
Full terms and conditions (T&Cs) are available on the seeker website.
Images are available of the seeker smartphone app including functionality (including Barclays Bike functionality) for Android, iPhone and web upon request.
In addition to simple access and update functions, The Seeker Workplace offers a rich environment wherein users can conduct everyday transactions easily, quickly, and securely.
Ceridian Tesseract will embed and support the Seeker Application Framework as part of its InterClient offering.
The InterClient application is built on the Seeker Application Framework which in turn interfaces to the ActivCOM Object Manager.
According to Steve Shultz, director of the Seekers of the Lost, Carlton McCall fathered Sharon Britton but left her and her mother when Sharon was six months old.
We have found that while the majority of companies do value diversity and talent, they need to engage in an open dialogue with the seekers themselves to address these concerns.