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If they are made an example of it will be a good thing - Kimberley Beach, 21, a student, of Middlesbrough The sooner the better. It's the punishments I get more annoyed with.
A poll shows 43% of English voters - compared with only 40% north of the border - approve of Scotland becoming fully independent - and the sooner the better. Meanwhile, 61% of English voters think there is no justification for higher spending on Scottish affairs.
He is obscenely well-paid to display his skills on the football field and, if he is not able to give 100% loyalty to Newcastle United, then he must leave and the sooner the better and take his agent with him.
"That would mean, I think, winding up the Wales Office and, as far as I'm concerned, the sooner the better. I would like to start operating in the new way after the May 5 election."
Surely common sense dictates that the time is nigh for Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland to have full control over their own destinies.And the sooner the better.
If the Labour AMs cannot stand their corner they should get out and the sooner the better for the Welsh people.
Hayes said: "It's up to us to get that combination working together the sooner the better. "There's no doubt the options are strong for us.
He is in Saudi Arabia - Model Naomi Campbell Coming out as gay was a formality, something that needed to be said, the sooner the better. My mother, though scarcely overjoyed, dismissed the whole matter, along with sex, as of no interest to her whatever Actor Simon Callow Black propaganda and intelligence hocus-pocus - Labour MP George Galloway's response to allegations that he was in the pay of Saddam Hussein I have townie girl friends who come to stay, with perfectly manicured nails, who marvel at my simple way of life but who would rather stick pins in their eyes than be more than 200 metres from the shops - Ex-Bond Girl actress Fiona Fullerton, now a country dweller
Christmas is a perfect Christian time for reconciliation but the sooner the better, Ma'am.
The sooner the better, of course, as the longer the acquisition process goes on the bigger the costs to restart up the plant.
The sooner the better to get rid of this rabble of a Government.
As in every conflict it is necessary to negotiate with the enemy - in this case the Taliban, the sooner the better.