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The Temperance Movement include Phil, guitarist Paul Sayer and bassist Nicky Fyffe, who were joined by guitarist Matt White in 2016 and drummer Simon Lea last year.
The Temperance Movement are a band as brave as they are brilliant - fast evolving and seemingly future-proof.
The tension between Jews inside and outside the liquor trade and the temperance movement took many forms.
All the same, Jews' experiences at the temperance movement's height, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, provide useful insights into something much larger.
As Hofstadter (1955) once famously pointed out, the moralizing imperative was the chief temptation, and possibly the chief sin, of the temperance movement and some of its advocates.
The temperance movement's long quest was seemingly brought to a triumphant conclusion.
Coker divides his excellent study into six chapters, providing the background of the temperance movement prior to the 1880s and including the transition that southern white evangelicals made from reluctantly advocating to embracing fully this widespread evangelical movement that ultimately resulted in widespread local and statewide prohibition as well as ultimate national prohibition in 1920.
This exhibition shows how the good, sober folk of Gwynedd went about tackling the problem, most famously the Temperance Movement, which "sought to reclaim drunkards to sobriety by restoring their self-respect".
From the standpoint of historians, Sanders's most important argument may be that "for any given tune, we are more likely to find coercive lyrics among the songs written later in the temperance movement, but suasive lyrics continued to appear as the movement evolved" (261).
The chapter discusses the birth of the temperance movement, the temperance movement in Britain and Ireland, nineteenth century temperance literature, six sermons on intemperance (Beecher, 1845), Thomas Bridgett and the discipline of drink, and sociological, historical, medical and theological perspectives of the temperance movement.