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Surely you would not call the Thing complete without a tail.
All we ask of the Thing is to carry us through the air.
Perhaps, after the Thing is brought to life, it can use a tail to steer with," suggested the Scarecrow.
Very carefully he began sprinkling the Thing with the precious powder.
The thing before you is no longer an animal, a fellow-creature, but a problem
He had heard some of the cries as the thing grew human,-- cries like those that disturbed you so.
There was one among the boys a bit of a missionary, and he taught the thing to read, or at least to pick out letters, and gave him some rudimentary ideas of morality; but it seems the beast's habits were not all that is desirable.
For my own part, I'm puzzled why the things I have done here have not been done before.
He merely classified the things that hurt and the things that did not hurt.
He was aware only of curiosity in all the things about him.
Then there were the pebbles and stones that turned under him when he trod upon them; and from them he came to know that the things not alive were not all in the same state of stable equilibrium as was his cave--also, that small things not alive were more liable than large things to fall down or turn over.
Or, after all, they may be in the right, and poets do really know the things about which they seem to the many to speak so well?